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Seven Signs That Stock Music Is No Longer What Creative Videos Need!

Hand-woven and customized music for your creative videos will not only lend an air of originality to your work but also define your ideas in the best way possible.

Music, as clichéd as it may sound is the true essence of life. From the babble of the brooks to the sonorous strum of the strings, music creeps into each one of our lives to give it a brand new definition.
We’ve all grown up listening to all genres of music and knitting our personalities to its rhythm and lyrics, so much so, that the music starts to define us.

Here are seven reasons why you should put a stop on stock music:

Don’t Dress to Impress

Following trends is no crime, but once you turn a blind eye to your personal style, the results can be disastrous. Similarly, trying to box your creative animated videos into ill-fitting boxes can lead to torn seams and tatters. Dress your masterpiece in the royal garb that it deserves by tailor-fitting it into the perfect background score.

There is Only ONE YOU:

Science has proven that DNAs are ever alike. Likewise, your ideas are as original as your DNA. They bloom from your inner instinct and can never be portrayed any better by another person. For the portrayal of such thoughts through animations and sound, it is essential that each element echo in harmony, your most vivid imagination.

Weave the Music into Your Creative Videos Seamlessly:

There is so much more to music than we can imagine. Each lyric, each beat, each singer has a story to tell. Your videos deserve to be adorned by the story that you want the world to know. The music that runs the course of your work should give out to the audience your identity whether as a creative writer, a business enthusiast or a lover of sweet life.

Stock Music Can Be Generic:

The world today is shrinking to the point where everybody looks almost alike. Stock music can often clash with so many corporate animated videos making your video just another sheep. This can be highly damaging to the colorful unicorn hidden inside your imagination. Let it run wild and unleash the unicorn with original music from the heart.

Personalized Videos Are The Best Birthday Gift Ideas:

Do you have a tune in mind that is dear to your special someone? Create a gift as special as them by blending in your memories with an original soundtrack. Production Music can never convey emotions so dearly!

Copyright Can Become an Issue:

The internet is a free market. With the wide selection of information available online we often tend to overlook copyright and licensing. This can lead to major problems even with stock music. Avoid the hassle and let your videos jingle away to original bells instead.

Stock Music is Limited:

Everything that is in stock will one day finish off! The world of music producers can incorporate the kind of music that makes your creative videos and wildest imagination dance together in glee!

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