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The Mind

Our Mind is the most sophisticated machine
It has the power to uncover the unseen
It is from the Mind our ‘thoughts’ originate
It is the Mind that has the power to Create, the ability to Innovate
But here is the secret mostly untold, generally undiscovered
The Mind has this innate quality of survival and hence its true potential remains uncovered
It remains closed without any sign of its closure
It imitates blindly, protects timidly from any new exposure
However, there are times when it succumbs and opens up completely
It absorbs and adopts whatever comes its way, without reasoning the absurdity
But if and when our Mind starts to question
It takes its first step towards unraveling its full Self expression
I am sure by now you are ready to discard whatever you have read
It is the Mind of yours that is asking you to remain in the comfort zone and be defensive instead
But just read along without any baggage
Your Life is happening now and not behind the curtain or backstage
Our Mind is like computer software that needs periodic anti-virus updation
It must be activated with rational stories to form empowering beliefs and perception
It is the Mind that discovered, it is the Mind that invented from Stone to Modern Age
Differentiated us from animals, with the ability to reason out using the tool of Language
So nurture it with tenderness and care
It is your only way out from helplessness and despair
Fear is the biggest enemy and will get you down every now and then
But then isn’t Fear an emotion generated from our Mind again
So Unchain, unbind, unshackle the Mind
Happiness will sound trivial as it is fulfillment that you will find