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Thode Se Alag Hain Papa: Dedicated To All Fathers

Dad, being the best at ironing out life’s wrinkles and putting a perfect curve on our pretty faces!
A father, mentor and the only person in the universe who would want you to excel in every aspect of life. The highest form of sharpened communication is bridging the gap between those who communicate and spawn a sense o f closeness. This very feeling of being close is longed for with our loved ones. Fathers are best at perfecting our inner communication and constantly make us realize to love everything from all our heart, and this is their experience speaking and not merely an abstract concept told.
Father’s Day is all about recognizing the greatest gift of god, the one who is filled with love and affection and acts as a channel of strength to allow life’s greatest difficulties to flow through easily.
For a Father, Father’s Day isn’t much about being praised and taking the accolades about things they have done for their kids, but it is much more about the feeling they get, of being able to provide their children not only with materialistic things, but with myriad ethics and values, and knowing that it will stay with them forever.
It is often said, that anybody can become a Father, but it takes something special to become a Dad!
It isn’t enough to feel love for a Father, we need to express the love we have towards them through gestures that they can treasure for the rest of their life. With each day passing, the bond shared becomes stronger and helps you to survive the toughest situations in life!
And always remember, a Father is a blessing and not everyone is blessed in this world the way you are. Let this communication be natural and heartfelt, because he is the one who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break rules and shines with pride when you succeed!