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A creative way to capture and hone the uniqueness of your kid – with Ahsomeness, let your kid meet his Awesomeness through a personalized creative video

We believe that every child has an Awesomeness of his own.

Tell us about your child’s awesomeness. Share your kid’s journey and milestones.

Convey your feelings and the values you’d want your kid to revere.

We’ll word all of this into an original song and give it a melody which your kid hums along with you.

Along with the song, we will create a personalized video-montage of your precious pictures capturing your kid’s special moments and bring them back to life in the form of a video.

And that creates a special personalized birthday gift for kids, an ageless memento which will stay with your little munchkin forever.

From unique birthday gifts, to personalized gifts for kids, create an innovative gift with Ahsomeness which expresses your emotions for your kid and your child’s preciousness in a way which reveals the Awesomeness in all of these thoughts…

Through customized creative videos, imaginative script writing and lyrics, Ahsomeness brings to you personalized gifts for kids which are ageless

Add a special flavor of love, creativity and innovation to your kid’s birthday through unique gifts designed by our music agency and team of creative video producers and animation makers

Unique and Personalized Gifts

  • Personalized Birthday Gifts for Kids
  • Personalized Birthday Songs
  • Personalized Musical Gifts
  • Personalized Return Gifts
  • Personalized Rhymes
  • Personalized Educational Songs
  • Personalized Songs with Friends and Family
  • Live Musical Sessions

Music & Education

Values like Friendship, Patience, and Inquisitives etc can’t be taught. One must repeatedly live these values to learn them well.

We translate such concepts into original Educational Songs for Kids with theme based words. We personalize these educational songs for a group of buddies by adding their names, a special trait or anything which the kids’ group connects with.

Along with these educational songs for kids, we create a personalized video-montage or a visual collection of pictures of these kids.

A personalized musical experience, along with live music sessions, which builds the inquirer & thinker hidden inside every child

Make your kids star in such personalized musical videos as they mingle with their buddies and musically learn these values