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Magnify the awesomeness of your school!


  • Educational Songs for Kids
  • School Anthems
  • Spreading Values and Ethics
  • Live musical sessions
  • School Brand Video Production

We blend Music with Education.

From values to ethics, from concepts to themes, we Song-ify education in a way that learning becomes voluntary, enjoyable and just Awesome!

Tell us about the values and themes you’d want your students to grasp, with our creative video production services, our team of musicians and animation makers, we’ll translate those into an appealing and educational video for kids

Share the stories which you’d want your students to remember for years to come, and
we’ll convert those into melodies and school anthems which your students will hum forever.

With our expertise in innovative video creation, experience a creative style of brand video production for schools and institutes.

Our music agency, along with our team of creative video producers and animation makers, Ahsomeness has the ability to add a touch of fun to education and a blend of creativity to values