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Click-O-Tory Case Study: A Student Photography Contest Video By Canon

Corporate videos – they mostly start from those one-liner briefs – limited words, curtailed expressions and clouded thoughts. That’s how this one started too…

Click-o-tory: A Photography Contest

Canon-Presentation-Click-o-tory (1)

This was about a huge photography contest by Canon India. The demand was to design a social media campaign for it. It was for students pan India, so the coverage was grander than ever and audiences wider than before.

They had a benchmark set for this campaign, just that Ahsomeness happened to be the creator of that benchmark too!

So, the challenges were multiple – One, to beat our own records. Two, to craft a unique concept for the contest; produce the most creative video, original and virally engaging! And three, to keep it lucid, clear and under 2 minutes!

Canon-Presentation-Click-o-tory (4)

To transform regular corporate video production into creativity and pleasure, team Ahsomeness hunts for a story behind every concept, and designs music to hum that story….a ‘storified-song’ which defines the awesomeness of that particular project.

And so, the story behind this photography contest was scripted. The melody humming this story was produced. And that was the beginning of yet another ‘Ahsome Project’

Canon-Presentation-Click-o-tory (2)

The contest got patented as ‘Click-o-tory’ – a term coined by Ahsomeness. The theme narrated the story of an independent mind that held a vision, an opinion of its own. A free and bold mind which confidently says – “You see just this perhaps, but I see that!”

This then drew an analogy with the creative vision that every photographer holds when he sees his object, and captures his own story through his clicks! And that’s what Click-o-tory was all about – the story behind every click.

From concept creation, to script writing, to music creation, to video production, every bit of the project was an Ahsome experience for us, and therefore, the ultimate deliverable just had to be Awesome!

Within 6 days of its launch, the video got 109K Views, 1.6K likes, 194 Share on Facebook. For quite a few days it got played at the reception screen of Canon India’s Office in Gurgaon.

So, if you have any of those one-liner briefs for a Corporate Video, Branding video etc – just share it with us. We’ll hunt for the awesomeness in it and serve you an Ahsome deliverable on a platter of an engaging story, melodious narrative and an appealing video.


“The condition is just one – Pleasure will be all ours.”

Checkout this video here:

Click-o-tory: A Photography Contest