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I am Awesomeness

I am Awesomeness….
I am that moment in your life,
When you revered yourself the most
I am that dream you had the other night,
When you lived your true spirit,
I am that celebration you savored the most,
When you rejoiced your own being,
I am that tune that loops in your mind,
When you hum your truest notes,
I am that beat that plays in your heart,
When your soul dances so candidly,
I am that reason you’ve been hunting for,
The motive of your existence today,
I am the “Ah!” you breathe,
When you experience happiness,
I am Awesomeness …
I look up to you,
I glorify your soul,
Enjoy me,
Know me,
Exploit me…

I am Awesomeness
I am the moments,
You treasure the most,
The celebrations,
You rejoice the most,
I word what you feel,
I tune your soul’s zeal
I am Awesomeness ….
A tinge of melody,
I sprinkle on your bliss
Humming the journey,
You’ve traveled so long,
Chanting the romance,
You wanted all along
The happiness,
In you
The awesomeness,
Of you,
The “Ah!” you sigh,
With your spirit so high,
Ahsomeness…that’s why…