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Be at Ease

We tell ourselves a million stories,
Some empowering – telling tales of our triumphs and glories…
Some that get the going tough,
Making us feel that we are not enough.
These stories come from our models of reality,
Based on rules and codes written once by the majority…
Some now lack evolution, some clarity.
Some still are pure but many filled with insanity.
Passed on to us from generation after generation,
They prescribe how to Live, Love or find Satisfaction…
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a rebel hungry for a revolution…
Or a start-up craving for your attention,
All I am asking you is to question…
Whether or not these rules pass the test of reason?
Have the wisdom to judge them rationally
Have the courage to discard them brutally
Those rules that no longer make sense,
Which take you farther away from who you are in that world of pretence.
Once you decode these codes of tradition that curb you in a fence,
You will witness the real meaning of independence…
Where you no longer fear, you no longer survive,
Where following your heart is not construed as being naive
We tell ourselves a million stories,
Wake up today and choose to just be at ease.